10 sty 2014

Coś dobrego dziś przeczytałam

Szło tak:

I cannot stress this enough: Know who you are, and BE THAT PERSON. If you're funny, don't try to be too serious. If you're serious, don't try to be too funny. Look for ways that you can work in the things you're good at, and stay under the radar when you'd be forced to play your weakest hand. Don't try to fix all your weaknesses – that's a losing game. Just mitigate any ill effects from those, and then capitalize on your strengths. The point is to be genuine and memorable in a positive way, and you can best accomplish that by doing what you're good at.
Całość do przeczytania tutaj: http://itstartswith.us/12-simple-ways-to-impress-your-boss-and-everyone-else/

Jak będę duża chcę być taka jak Nate (autor bloga i mnóstwa innych fajnych rzeczy, jak ktoś chce to sam poszuka z tego linka, jak ktoś nie chce... well. :))